Visiting Ernest Shackleton’s final resting place, South Georgia Island

It was decided to bring the rest of the world to you due to the fact that everyone is attempting to remain as safe as possible at their respective homes. Take a virtual tour of some of the world’s most famous landmarks, with one of our CEOs accompanying you on your journey through time and space (Chief Experience Officers).

It’s time to set out on a journey to Antarctica with your family!

You will be guided by G Adventures CEO Neil on an Antarctic Peninsula adventure that will include spectacular landings, discovering local wildlife, and your first sailing experience on a G Expedition. Please take a moment to read the following paragraphs to learn more about Neil before proceeding to the video.

What cities and times do you lead tours under your own brand, and how long do they last?

Neil: Greetings from Ajax, Ontario, in the Province of Ontario, in the United States of America! Hello, my name is Neil and I’d like to introduce myself. As a tour guide, I’ve accompanied people on expeditions to places such as Brazil, Patagonia, and the poles, among other destinations.

How long have you been in your position as CEO of G Adventures?

Neil: We haven’t seen each other in almost a decade, since the last time we met in 2011.

In your opinion, what is the one dish or beverage from the region that you absolutely must sample?

As the sun begins to rise over the horizon, I’m enjoying my hot cup of coffee on the back deck of the G Expedition.

Describe to us a “secret” location on your tour that you absolutely must see and why it is so important to you. Please include a brief description of the location.

To see if you can get away with it, Neil, try to land at least once without taking a picture of the landing. Allow yourself to appreciate and reflect on the present moment by taking advantage of this opportunity.

Following their visit to your city, region, or country, what three words would you like them to use to describe your city, region, or country after they have returned to their home?

It is breathtaking, vibrant, and timeless, to name a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe the continent of Antarctica.

Do you have any recommendations for travelers who want to learn about your city, region, or country through literary fiction and nonfiction? Do you have any recommendations for travelers who want to learn about your city, region, or country through literary fiction and nonfiction?

Alfred Lansing’s “Endurance” serves as the soundtrack to Ernest Shackleton and his crew’s harrowing tale of survival, keeping you firmly strapped in throughout. You will devour this book in a single sitting as you wait for the conclusion with bated breath and excitement to see what happens.

In the event that you were given the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“Anywhere I haven’t been yet,” Neil says in response to the question.

Honestly, Neil, you’re one of the best in the business!

We have one of our CEOs conduct a virtual walking tour of one of our locations several times per week (see schedule below for details). In conjunction with Google Maps and photos, CEOs will “walk” viewers through their locations, sharing historical details and travel advice with them along the route. Keep an eye out for information about our upcoming excursions.

Stay at home, be kind, and keep in touch with those who are important to you….

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