There Are Seven Reasons Why You Should Plan A Costa Rican Vacation For Your Entire Family

Visitors to Costa Rica often shake their heads in disbelief as they enter the country. The dense cloud forests are home to colorful toucans. The roar of a waterfall can be heard for miles. Birds from around the world chirp. And the air is filled with a calming ‘Pure Vida’ vibe.

With activities like hiking around a volcano and relaxing in thermal springs, a Costa Rica family vacation is the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Support local conservation efforts and learn more about how nature affects the people in the area you’re visiting. Find out why Costa Rica is beckoning to you in the following paragraphs.

Arenal has a lot to offer in terms of must-do activities.

When she created Costa Rica, nature was showing off. It’s a playground for the whole family, thanks to its lush rainforests and national parks. Zip-lining through the cloud forest at Arenal Nature National Park, or hiking around the Arenal volcano, is a must-do for visitors to Costa Rica.

Get up close and personal with monkeys, sloths, and chattering birds by strolling along the Arenal Hanging Bridge. At 85 square kilometers, Arenal Lake is Costa Rica’s largest lake and a popular spot for kayaking and snorkeling. Paradise has arrived.

Costa Rica’s white-faced monkey

Only 0.03% of the world’s surface is covered by Costa Rica, but it contains 6% of the world’s biodiversity. Costa Rica is home to half a million species, and more than a quarter of the country is protected by law. What happened? There is a wide variety of wildlife to be seen.

You’ll see six species of sea turtles, monkeys (howler, agile, and white-faced), caimans, exotic birds, endangered ocelots, sea otters, sloths, green iguanas, toucans, frogs, ant eaters, and snakes on our Monkey Jungles and Volcanoes family tour. Have you gotten your bearings yet? The animals in this area will rob you of yours.

Blissful time spent in the natural world

You will be taken aback by Costa Rica, but your heart rate will be reduced by half as a result of your visit. Take a boat tour through Tortuguero National Park’s canals and observe the diverse wildlife that calls the park home. Let your worries melt away in a hot thermal spring, or take a dip in the ocean. When you wake up, you’ll hear monkeys making noises. Enjoy a buffet dinner in the open air while listening to the birds sing. Take a moment to bask in the sun’s rays while floating in the Pacific’s crystal-clear waters. It’s time to turn off the television and head to Costa Rica, where you can relax in the great outdoors. The holidays are the perfect time to reunite with loved ones and rekindle old friendships.

Become familiar with the local surroundings

While you’re here, you’ll learn about the ocelot and other imperiled species, as well as how important the natural environment is to the indigenous people of Tico (Costa Rican locals). You can see turtles nesting and learn about their habits by taking a nighttime walk (between July and September). With the help of a local guide, learn about the science behind previous Arenal volcanic eruptions. Visit a Tico’s palm plantation to learn about the unique flavors of the region’s cuisine. Costa Rica offers the unique opportunity to both experience and learn about a tropical paradise.

Make a financial contribution to conservation efforts in your area

Do you want to do something good for the community while spending time with your loved ones? This is the right place for you. Our tour includes a stop at Sarapiqu’s Snake Garden Wildlife Center, which cares for animals that are no longer able to survive in the wild. If you’d like to learn more about turtle conservation, you can visit the Sea Turtle Conservancy Center at Tortuguero National Park. Live a life of ‘Pura Vida’

Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park.

“Pura Vida” (Spanish) means “pure life” or “simple life” in English. As soon as you arrive in Costa Rica, you’ll notice that the country’s entire culture is based on this idea. The locals’ way of life is characterized by an inherent sense of contentment and ease. They focus on the positive aspects of their lives and avoid dwelling on the bad. You may begin to feel the same way after spending some time here. If you want to sound like a local, try saying “Pura Vida” to indicate “hello,” “bye,” or “everything’s great.” Is there a better way?

Former cast ballots in favor of Costa Rica.

For those looking for an adventure, there’s something for everyone on this trip – from observing the birth of a sea turtle to ziplining and hanging out on suspension bridges, to swimming in the Pacific Ocean.’ It was fantastic – and there was plenty of downtime to boot!’ As a guest at Guest House,

‘It was a joy to travel with such a diverse group of families who were all having a great time. It offered a wide range of Costa Rican experiences for all ages! This trip is for you if you want to experience the best of both worlds: nature and adventure, while also being pampered in a resort setting at the end of the day. the guest of honor.

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