The Best Scenic Littoral Drives in Portugal

One of the stylish ways to explore a foreign land is with scenic drives that soak in the stylish of a destination – and these littoral road passages in Portugal do just that. A small country framed by the wild Atlantic ocean, the meter of life in Portugal revolves arounds the changing runs.

Pass through white- washed fishing townlets, along golden flaxen strands, watch the evening over the ocean and feel the wind in your hair in Portugal as you travel by auto, machine or van around the Iberian nation. With roughly 943 kilometres (586 mi) of bank to explore on the landmass, then are the stylish scenic littoral drives to cover on your Portugal roadtrip.

One of Portugal’s shortest but most scenic littoral roadtrips starts just outside the capital. Weaving from Lisbon to the majestic littoral vill of Cascais, skip the roadways and follow the deepwater Borderline to see where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way you ’ll pass a dozen small strands with golden beach, sunbathers and browsers before reaching the upscale city of Cascais. Stop for lunch or coffee then before continuing, following the bank around to the wild (and generally windy) Guincho Beach. Girdled by untouched beach stacks, you ’ll likely spot browsers catch swells or wind browsers catch the breath. Make Cabo do Roca your final stop and tick standing on international Europe’s westernmost point off your pail list. For the return trip, weave through the Sintra mountains looking out for the numerous alluring palaces, major hall homes and ancient castle along the way.

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There’s nothing like seeing the dramatic orange escarpments and stunning golden strands of the Algarve over near. One of the stylish scenic littoral drives in Portugal takes your bus from the heart of the Algarve to the western edge at clifftop Sagres, a laid-back suds city with a lot of history. From the top, soak in spectacular views down to Baleeira Beach and the soaring girding escarpments. Stand at the edge of CapeSt. Vincent, Europe’s most south-westerly point and the place where numerous ocean battles happed centuries agone. On the return trip, drop by Lagos, a hipsterism littoral city that was formerly the home of Henry the Navigator, the man behind Portugal’s Age of Discoveries. You can witness this Portugal roadtrip on NJHH’s Stylish of Portugal trip.

Golden Beach stacks, vibrant wildflowers, bitsy white- washed townlets and gorgeous blue ocean define Portugal’s fantastic Costa Vicentina. As Europe’s best- saved bank, this destination draws those looking to decelerate down and appreciate nature on a scenic littoral drives – immaculately – without time conditions. Located on the west seacoast of Portugal between Lisbon and Sagres, trip between 31 of Europe’s most spectacular strands, including the crowd favourite Monte Clérigo Beach.

Have you heard of the big swells at Nazaré? For keen browsers and curious sand suckers, stopping by this city notorious for its mega swells is a pail list must. Route one of your scenic drives in Portugal through the major littoral city and cross your fritters that the conditions are right for towering swells further than 10 metres high. Between Lisbon and Porto there are 362 kilometres (225 mi) of strands, suds camps and townlets to explore including hipsterism Ericeira, quiet Peniche and banded Costa Nova. Madeira Island’s geography makes driving a challenge.

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Driving Madeira Island isn’t for the faint-hearted.However, make sure it has plenitude of power to get you up and around the remote gemstone islet’s steep, narrow roads, If you dare to hire a auto. While visiting the Portuguese archipelago you ’ll surely want the chance to explore roadways that curve around mountains, via coverts and along the gorgeous rocky bank on one of the stylish scenic drives in Portugal. It’s the skinny country roads that you need to be cautious of!

Still, New Zealand and Iceland, If you land on the biggest islet of the beautiful Azores archipelago it would be a great shame not to explore the fantastic stormy geographies and decor that are like a cross between Hawaii. Easier to drive than Madeira Island, there are scenic littoral drives on all corners of this islet that will take you between rolling cropland, black beach strands and cute gravestone townlets with ocean views the whole time.

Have you been on any scenic drives in Portugal? Tell us which Portugal roadtrip you want to tick off your pail list first in the commentary below…

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