The best food in Bangkok

There are many different opinions about Bangkok. Some people adore Bangkok while others despise it, and still others are perplexed by the city’s chaos and are unable to form an opinion. One thing, on the other hand, is universally acknowledged: the food. In Bangkok, the cuisine is world-class, and the city is a haven for both Thai food experts and novices alike. As part of this article, we’ll discuss five delectable dishes that you absolutely must try while on your tour.

Bananas that have been fried in oil (kluai thot)

Every morning and afternoon, the street vendors in Bangkok are out in force selling these little wonders to the passing public. During the deep-frying process, the bananas acquire a pleasing crunch on the outside and a sweet interior. To get the best results, ask to be served by a vendor who is just finishing up a new batch. They taste much better when they are fresh out of the oil. On a hungry morning, a bag of food will cost you about 20 baht, and they are easy to come by in large quantities. They can be found on every second corner in the city’s central districts. Despite the fact that they are not particularly healthy for your waistline, they have the potential to become addictive.

When walking down the streets of Bangkok, it’s easy to spot, especially in the early hours of the morning.

Noodles on a boat, anyone? (kuai tiao ruea)

In the olden days, when Bangkok was still a bustling metropolis, vendors would sell bowls of noodles from small boats cruising the canals of the city. While it is true that canals no longer play a significant role in Bangkok’s economy, boat noodles continue to be popular and can be found in restaurants near the waterways where they were first sold. Boat noodles are served in small bowls that are only large enough to hold a few mouthfuls of noodles and a variety of garnishes. Pork and beef are the most popular meats, and a large variety of rice and wheat noodles can be found. Given that each bowl costs only 10-12 baht, you can afford to try everything.

You can get it from the following places: From Victory Monument Station, take the north exit to get to your destination. As you walk along the elevated walkways, keep an eye out for the canal; the boat noodle restaurants aren’t far from the train station. If you are unable to locate them, contact a friend or family member. You’ll need some assistance from the locals in order to get there; they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Tomato-ginger soup with kung po (chinese chili paste)

Thai cuisine, particularly this spicy soup dish, is best enjoyed in Bangkok. The dish is popular throughout Thailand and the world. Given the opportunity, you will have an unforgettable experience with the soup, which is made with a variety of traditional Thai ingredients. It’s common to use herbs and spices such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves to flavor the broth. Other ingredients include fish sauce, chili peppers, coconut milk, and/or condensed milk in some cases. However, despite the fact that there are numerous ways to prepare tom yam, or shrimp tom yum, the soup is a popular choice among both locals and tourists.

You can purchase it directly from this website: P’Aor Restaurant in Pethaburi Soi 7 serves one of the best dishes in the city, but I’ve had it in other places as well. The location of this one may be a little more difficult to find without the assistance of Google Maps. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s well worth the effort to get there.

Rice with chicken is a traditional dish in India (khao mun gai)

When it comes to street food in Bangkok, chicken and rice is one of the most popular options, and it is a dish that you could easily eat every day if you wanted to. That’s exactly what I did as well! When making the Thai version of Hainanese chicken and rice, the chicken is cooked in chicken broth, which results in tender chicken and incredibly flavorful rice when the dish is finished. Cucumbers, chicken blood tofu, and a spicy dipping sauce are among the side dishes served with the main course. It is almost certain that you will want to make this dish again and again because the flavors are so well-balanced when eaten together.

You can get it right here: This dish can be found on the menus of nearly every restaurant in Bangkok, particularly at lunchtime. Check the window for the chickens that are hanging there, as a hint.) Two of the best places to try it are on Sukhumvit’s renowned Soi 38 food street, which is home to a variety of excellent choices.

Mango rice served with a sweet and sour mango sauce (khao niao mamuang)

While it may sound strange to say out loud, this dessert will have you drooling in no time at all! This is a straightforward dish: sticky rice cooked in coconut milk that has been sweetened with sugar, mango, toasted mung beans, and drizzled with some coconut cream and coconut cream for a nice crunch are all that’s required. The combination of textures and flavors is as unique as it is delicious, and the mangoes from Thailand add even more flavor to the dish. – During the evening hours, many tourists come to these stands to get their fix before bed or before a night out on the town, and it is not uncommon to see backpackers huddled around the stands. This is a dish that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

There are two restaurants on Sukhumvit’s 38th street that serve delicious sticky rice, so you can get your fill right away. On Khao San Road, the popular backpacker street, there are a few well-known stalls to be found as well. Because it is so popular in Thailand, it is served as a dessert in the majority of Thai restaurants.

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