Smoothie & Juice Bars Owned by African-Americans for Your Next Health Drink

Because the temperatures are expected to stay cold this winter, it’s critical that we keep our immune systems in good shape.

In addition to the regular cold and flu season, COVID-19 instances are still on the rise in many regions of the world, indicating that we should eat more nutritious, vitamin-rich foods. Juices and smoothies are a terrific method to receive the nutrients and vitamins your immune system requires to stay healthy. Here’s a list of some of the best Black-owned juice and smoothie bars across the country.

The Squeeze Juice Bar is a juice bar in New York City.

The Squeeze Juice Bar is a quick-service restaurant that specializes on fresh, healthy, and nutritious juices, smoothies, salads, and other healthy snacks created to order. The Squeeze Bar has you covered for whatever detox, cleanse, or healthy eating routine you’re looking to start with a comprehensive range of fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, shakes, and wellness shots.

They also provide a variety of solid food options, such as keto bowls, Beyond Burger paninis, and falafel tacos. Their main goal is to serve their entire community by fostering relationships and providing healthy items that fuel and nourish the body.

Getting Back to Nature

Turning Natural is a health movement as well as a juice bar. Turning Natural’s purpose is to provide better options to marginalized populations by making nutritious foods more affordable, cool, and delicious.

Turning Natural’s owner, Jerri Evans, first launched her juice bar after her mother died of breast cancer. Her mother’s cancer-free status was aided in large part by juicing.

Evans felt that Turning Natural would provide a useful service to areas that would otherwise lack “better choice” options because to his 20 years of experience in juicing and holistic living.

Bar of Pure Juice

The Pure Juicery Bar is a 100% vegan juice bar and restaurant. “I decided to take this to the next level after seeing undeniable health advantages from eating a primarily plant-based diet and introducing nutrient-rich cold-pressed juices into our lives,” says the owner on her website.

“That would help better their lives, and there has been no looking back since.” As much as possible, Puer Juicery Bar seeks the best of the best produce and products from local farms.

Ruby Jean’s Juicery is a juicery owned by Ruby Jean.

Ruby Jean’s Juicery has three locations in Kansas City that sell handcrafted juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and other foods. Chris Goode’s late grandmother, Ruby Jean, was the founder and CEO of the company. He felt better than he had in a long time after his first 10-day juice cleanse, and he immediately thought of his late grandmother, wishing she had known and understood the importance of proper eating and drinking.

Green Grotto Juice Bar is a juice bar located in the Green Grotto neighborhood of
Kieran Roberts, a juicologist, has opened a tech-forward juice bar in downtown Los Angeles. Green Grotto Juice Bar is a healthy juice bar in downtown Los Angeles that serves organic juices, cold-pressed juices, custom shots, teas and coffees, as well as healthy meals. All of the Green Grotto Juice Bar’s products are produced using organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Raw Juice Bar at Sunset

Sunset Raw Juice Bar in Baltimore County serves fresh cold-pressed juice and smoothies. This juice bar is committed to producing high-quality goods that incorporate fruit, whole grains, and vegetables into a range of raw beverages. The raw drinks are high in nutrients and are excellent for cleansing and detoxifying the body to promote a healthy lifestyle. Sunset Raw Juice Bar offers more than just raw juices; they also provide acai bowls, protein smoothies, green smoothies, and wellness shots.

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