Quick getaways to the best cities in the US are available on Hotwire.

Price, amenities, and traveler reviews were among the considerations used by TripAdvisor in determining the rankings of hotels in this category.

In a report published by NJHH, Hotwire, a travel booking site, revealed that cities such as New York City, Atlanta, Orlando, and Savannah are the most popular short-haul destinations in the United States.

Several websites rank New York City as the best large city in the world for food, hotels, and hidden attractions. It is also ranked as the best large city in the world for shopping, according to the website Hotwire. This resulted in our traveling to Chicago (which is a fantastic place to spend a long weekend) and then to Los Angeles as a result of the situation.

Atlanta was ranked first on the list of midsize cities, followed by Baltimore and St. Louis, thanks to a diverse range of attractions that are both affordable and high-end in nature, according to the study.

If you’re looking for “small town favorites,” Hotwire determined that Orlando was the most appropriate location. The city of Orlando is home to a variety of events, including the 50th anniversary of Disney World and the world’s tallest and largest escape room. On this list, the second most populous city is another Florida city named Fort Lauderdale, which is followed by the Nevada city of Reno.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, Savannah, Georgia, was named the best small city in the United States, with Palm Springs and Newport Beach, both in the state of California, coming in close second and third, respectively.

An online poll revealed that 79% of respondents said they would spend the money saved by booking a short trip to improve their overall experience. Take a short, spontaneous trip (two or three nights) whenever possible, according to the survey’s respondents, who accounted for 83 percent of those who responded.

According to a spokesperson for Hotwire, this last-minute getaway allows “travelers to save more money by booking last minute in the Hotwire app,” but the added spontaneity also helps to reduce the risk of unexpected travel restrictions.

With more than 340 hotels in more than 350 locations, Hotwire researched and identified the best cities for a quick trip based on value, experience highlights, and sought-after amenities in more than 350 locations, using more than 340 hotels in more than 350 locations to do so.

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