Previous Guests Share Their Best Travel Memories With the Group, Both Funny & Real

In celebration of World Laughter Day on May 1, we asked our guests to share their funniest and most honest travel experiences with us through an online form. For those who have spent time on the road, here are some of the best travel stories that have come out of their experiences.

If you have, please share it with us as well. Please share your hilarious and true travel stories with us in the comments section below!

Their vacation to was filled with hilarious anecdotes… What is the worst thing that may happen to you when you are on a foreign vacation?

“A bus passenger left his bum bag, which included money and his passport, on the floor outside the bathroom when we stopped for a pee break on the Autobahn in Germany, and we discovered it later. It was until an hour later that he was able to recollect it! When we returned, we saw that it had not been destroyed. Today was the most enjoyable day of my life.


Natchez, Mississippi, is a city in the state of Mississippi, which is situated in the southern region of the United States. On the way back to the hotel, ‘Sweet Caroline’ played on the bus as we stopped at a plantation for some moonshine tasting and dinner. Everyone can’t stop humming a song. “The bar’s open ’til 10 p.m., bags out by 7!” our Travel Director said, to which everyone responded with laughter. I can’t listen to it without busting up because of the song’s influence.”


Laugh-out-loud stories from the realm of the travel director.

Not only are they excellent tour guides, but a few of our Travel Directors are also part-time comedians as well! Here are some humorous and true stories about the escapades of your favorite Travel Directors throughout the globe, as told by them.

Franco, a little, elderly gentleman, served as our Travel Director on my holiday in 2013. Every one of his recollections about himself began with the phrase “When I was young and tall…” All of the members of the family enjoyed listening to his stories! This guy is a complete hoot!


Jonathan and I raced through the Louvre’s galleries in order to see Napoleon’s chambers before we missed our bus to the Palace of Versailles. Just like a scene from a movie, it seemed to me. Pauses are taken to see the Egyptian antiquities and sculptures on display at the exhibition. “That’s something I’ll never forget!” he said.


Our tour guide @Tiagoinformed us on the bus that we would reach at our last location at 4:36-4:37 p.m., which turned out to be precisely as he had predicted. Whenever he said anything, he was “spot on.” He never came close to rounding to the nearest five minutes. The expedition to the Best of Portugal was absolutely great!… The song brought back so many good memories for me.

When you visit Italy, you will be impressed, intrigued, and maybe even obsessed with the nation and its people. Of course, your Juliet may turn out to be a peacock.

Our Northern Italy and Cinque Terre holiday was made much better by the wonderful folks we met! As part of an optional trip to Isola Bella, we stopped at the royal gardens, where we were surprised to see the white peacocks. Our fellow visitors, a peacock, was no exception to the rule when it came to his curiosity. One of the lads who had looked for peacock cries on the internet was yelling out loud the sounds of peacocks. It seemed like he had a firm grip on the bird.


During our 2014 trip to Italy, he overheard an American saying that went something like this: “If you want authentic Italian food, go to Florida.” My spouse was laughing so hard that he nearly fell down the stairs of the monument.

True stories of traveling with teenagers are shared.

It is one of the most effective methods to learn about your children’s personalities is to put them in unfamiliar circumstances and see how they behave. Following is a collection of triumphant stories from guests who accompanied their teenagers on a road trip.

“When I went on The Best of Ireland, I brought my 13-year-old son along with me. Due to the fact that he was the only male in the group, I was anxious that he would not make any friends or feel out of place for some reason. When he asked me whether I would be okay without him, it was during our last night together. 😂😭😂😭😂


“We traveled to England, Scotland, and Ireland over the summer of 2013. When we went to Blarney Castle in Ireland, our 18-year-old son, who has Down syndrome, requested that he kiss the Blarney Stone with his father, which we did with great pleasure. As he neared the top of the steps, he decreased his pace in order to prevent falling. This occurred on our tour when someone behind him screamed out who was in front of him, and “Ben” responded by yelling out who was in front of him. “At the very least, we’ll be able to take our time getting to the top,” the reply said.

As I sat in the gardens, the loudest cry of enthusiasm, applauding, and clapping came from the top of the building. Ben’s voice rang out to me immediately and I knew it. When Ben realized that he’d been allowed to kiss the Blarney Stone, he was thrilled.


We’d love to hear about your most memorable travel experiences. Share your real-life adventures with us in the comments section below.

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