Our Month Trip Companion To Inspire Your Next Travel

The world may be your oyster – but that can be a little inviting! If you ’re wondering where are the stylish places to visit each month, we ’ve got you covered. From different seasons to the stylish events and carnivals, read our month-by-month trip companion to inspire your coming trip.

The summer season (December to February) is one of the stylish times to go to South Africa. You ’ll get sunny warm days perfect for lounging at the sand or going wine tasting in the stations, or taking a string auto to Table Mountain in Cape Town.

January is downtime in Russia which sounds like a veritably cold adventure – but hear us out! You ’ll actually get to extend your Christmas vacation by visiting Russia in January as the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January. The metropolises like Moscow andSt. Petersburg look gorgeous covered in snow and twinkling lights and there’s plenitude of gleeful conditioning.

Costa Rica has a range of different climates so it’s important to time your trip well. According to our month-by-month trip companion, January ticks all the right boxes. You ’ll get warm rainfall, lots of sun, and plenitude of chances to spot the notorious wildlife.

The dry season is the perfect time to visit Thailand. You ’ll get warm, dry days that are perfect for exploring those beautiful islets and strands. Plus, you ’ll miss the Christmas vacation crowds. In fact, any country in Southeast Asia like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore are great options for a sunny vacation in February. You ’ll also get to witness the amazing fests of Tet New Year in Vietnam and the Chinese New Year fests across the mainland.

February is a cold snowy month in Paris, but you ’ll soon warm up with Valentine’s Day fests! There’s a special atmosphere and lots of romantic events in Paris during Valentine’s Day … And what better way to celebrate than with a trip to the City of Love.

Our month-by-month trip companion has discovered so numerous inconceivable carnivals and events in February across the world. There’s the iconic Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the notorious Carnival in Venice. You could also head to New Orleans for the fabulous Mardis Gras in New Orleans.

One of the top reasons to visit Scandinavian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark is to see the dancing Northern Lights. While the stylish period to witness this miracle is from early September to beforehand April, we suppose March is a great month. You ’ll get better rainfall than the freezing bite of the downtime months, with lots of sunny days. In some areas, you can enjoy summer conditioning like hiking, and in others, you can still enjoy downtime conditioning like skiing. Take your pick!

Still, April is your stylish bet! While the notorious Keukenhof Auditoriums open in March, the rainfall does n’t warm up duly until April, If you want to see the beautiful tulips of the Netherlands. You ’ll also get to witness the Amsterdam Tulip Festival in April.

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April falls in afterlife in New Zealand and it’s the stylish time to visit the wine- growing regions. You ’ll see the trees and stations transfigure into a blaze of orange, red and gold. While the nights are chilly, the days are generally mild and sunny.

Japan’s cherry blossom season is one of the most popular pail list passages in the world. The gorgeous cherry blossoms bloom from the end of March to the first half of April, but according to our month-by-month trip companion, this can change every time. So keep an eye on the vaticinations!
Spring arrives in Morocco in April meaning affable temperatures and blowing almond and cherry trees. You can also visit the Sahara Desert in April with milder temperatures.

April is the perfect time for a trip to the Caribbean, with countries like Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico offering up pleasurable sunny rainfall.

May falls between the stormy season which ends in April and the busy season which starts in June … so it’s the perfect afterlife month to explore Peru with milder rainfall and smaller crowds.

Our month-by-month trip companion picks May as the high time to go hiking in the Himalayas of Nepal. While it’s one of the busiest months it’s for good reason as the rainfall and decor are at their stylish.

Featuring of seeing the potent Victoria Falls that spread across Zimbabwe and Zambia? Visit in May when the Zambezi River is in deluge and the Victoria Falls are at their strongest and most jaw- dropping.

Still, head to China in the spring month of May, If you do n’t want the scorching heat of summer or the freezing bite of downtime. You ’ll get comfortable rainfall as you walk the Great Wall or explore Beijing.

June is a fabulous time to visit the Mediterranean. Head to any Mediterranean bank in Greece, Italy, France, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Albania, and Bosnia and you ’ll be awarded with warm waters, long sunny days, and smaller crowds than July and August.

Still, this is the month to do it, If you ’ve always pictured of witnessing the Great Migration from Tanzania to Kenya. The wildebeest begin their periodic migration any time from late April to beforehand June. It’s also a great time to head to the stunning strands of Zanzibar.

The temperatures are warming up across North America in June and you ’ll have the perfect rainfall for out-of-door adventures and carnivals in the metropolises. It’s also a great time to visit the iconic public premises like Yosemite and Yellowstone before the rainfall really heats up and the summer crowds arrive. You ’ll also get to see invigorated creatures and stirring decor and across the premises.

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Our month-by-month trip companion picks Kenya’s Maasai Mara as the place to be in July since the Greatest Show on Earth – the Great Migration – happens during this month. Millions of wildebeests make the trip from Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park to Kenya around July and stay until October when they make the return trip. It’s also a great time to go on safari to spot creatures in public premises across the country.

The total of Europe is at its peak in July from France to Spain, Germany to Switzerland, Croatia to Romania. Wherever you go, the rainfall will be warm and there will be lots of summer carnivals and events. Just be advised that it’s also one of the busiest sightseer months.

While utmost of Southeast Asia is in the middle of the thunderstorm season in July, Indonesia is enjoying its dry, sunny season. Take advantage of the blue skies and explore these beautiful islets!

Hawaii has nearly time- round warm rainfall but it’s at its stylish in the driest and hottest month of August. Perfect for snorkelling, swimming and hiking!

Visit Scotland in August and you ’ll get to substantiation the iconic Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the same month! It’s also a great time to visit the Scottish Mounds with warmer, drier rainfall.

August marks the dry season in Namibia when temperatures are warm and downfall is low. It’s also the stylish time for wildlife viewing, but it’s the launch of peak season so plan ahead.
Italy is one of the world’s most popular sightseer destinations and while it can be visited all time round, our month-by-month trip companion picks September as one of the stylish months. You ’ll avoid the huge summer crowds but still enjoy affable rainfall in the spring season.

The Rocky Mountains in Canada are one of the most beautiful places on Earth and September is one of the stylish months to witness it. The rainfall will be just right – not too cold and not too hot. The stunning afterlife leaves are starting to bloom at the end of the month. Plus, it’s the launch of the shoulder season so prices are lower and there are smaller excursionists.

This gorgeous little country sits on the edge of Europe – and it’s just perfect in September with spring blooms and milder rainfall. It’s the stylish month for hiking the beautiful mountain trails and you ’ll also miss the busier summer season.

Featuring of fall colours? You ca n’t go past the stunning afterlife displays in New England. This northeastern region of the USA covers the countries of Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. The splint-peeping season arrives by early October and you ’re sure to see some truly gorgeous fall decor.

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October in Germany is each about the aptly named Oktoberfest. Millions of people attend the iconic beer jubilee in Munich every time. You can indulge in original beer and traditional Bavarian food, wear traditional outfits and hear to folk music. Head out of the metropolises and you ’ll be awarded with gorgeous afterlife decor and cool rainfall.

The world-notorious Dia de Los Muertos jubilee is held on October 31st every time – and you ca n’t miss seeing the real deal in Mexico. Oaxaca in southern Mexico is a great place to see it as the temperatures are warm and they throw the most various and chaotic fests of all!

Still, you ca n’t go past the motherland of Halloween – Ireland, If you ’re looking for the stylish Halloween fests. The megacity of Derry is one of the stylish places to go for an indelible Halloween.

Argentina is just beautiful in November. Spring has well and truly sprung by the middle of the month, with lavender covering the premises and jacaranda trees blooming across Buenos Aires. The temperature is also nice and mild before the heat of summer arrives.

While Turkey is famed as a summer sand destination, our month-by-month trip companion picks November as a great time to visit. You ’ll still get mild afterlife temperatures and lots of sun, but you ’ll avoid both the summer and downtime high seasons, meaning lower prices and smaller excursionists.

While India is a massive country with lots of different climates, November might just be the stylish month across the whole country. You ’ll miss the stormy season plus you ’ll avoid the heat and high season that starts in December. You might indeed get to substantiation Diwali (although the date changes every time).

There are many better places to spend the magical Christmas month than Europe. Head to the Mounts across Switzerland and France for world- class skiing and downtime wonderland magic. Or check out the magical Christmas requests from Germany to France to the UK.

December is the first month of summer in Australia so you can enjoy your vacation season in warm, sunny rainfall. Spend your Christmas at the sand and head to Sydney for New Year’s Eve to see the iconic fireworks display.

With nearly zero rain and warm temperatures comprising around 26 °C, there are many better months to visit Dubai. You ’ll experience an extravagant Christmas with spangling shopping promenades, perfect strands, and high- end caffs. Plus you can see the record- breaking fireworks display on New Year’s Eve.

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