How to Prepare and Dress for a Trip to Tierra del Fuego

The climate in southern Patagonia, and particularly in the Andes mountain range, is extremely changeable and unstable. Within hours, intense heat can be felt when the sun shines directly on you, and within minutes, you can be suffocating in intense rain, with extremely low temperatures and strong winds, all at the same time. The importance of packing and dressing appropriately when visiting the End of the World becomes even more apparent. Follow the following recommendations for clothing and other items in order to get the most out of your trip.


In these parts of the world, the concept of onion peels (many thin layers) is frequently used. This method of dressing allows us to wear only the clothes that are absolutely necessary. During the walks, you will become extremely hot and sweaty, and you will end up with damp clothes that are close to your body. When you have finished walking, you will become cold quickly, so it is important to have layers that you can put on and take off as needed.


Clothing: It is not important to be cold, but rather to be comfortable while walking; light clothing against rain and wind is recommended. A warm jacket and a raincoat, a sweater or several sweaters, cotton tee-shirts and shirts, and a pair of sneakers. a sufficient number of pairs of socks (always wear one when hiking).


Footwear: Shoes that are light, strong, and comfortable (trekking type). It is always recommended to use the one that is most appropriate for the terrain. In general, leather footwear with a rubber sole, such as a trekking boot, should be avoided, as should footwear with a leather sole or nautical type shoes.


Accessories: Sunglasses and sunscreen are always a good idea, no matter the season. Wear a hat or a cap. Walking gloves, a scarf, and a small backpack are essential for daily walks.


Packing List for the Most Important Things

  1. Trousers that keep you warm
  2. Trousers that are resistant to water
  3. Underwear that keeps you warm in the winter
  4. Jacket made of polar fleece
  5. Turtlenecks
  6. Mittens and gloves are recommended.
  7. a hat or a beanie made of wool
  8. Socks that are warm
  9. Jacket that is both water- and wind-resistant
  10. Backpack
  11. Sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended.
  12. Binoculars are a pair of optical instruments.
  13. A camera and a large number of memory cards


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