How To Became a Traveling Family of Who Lives on the Road Full-Time

We had no plans to become a full-time traveling family when we started out. It started out as a personal blog about our family’s adventures, but it has evolved into a helpful resource for travelers looking for guidance, wisdom, and first-hand experience in their trips. This website was created to aid other families who are traveling the world.

We decided to take a family gap year because it was just too good to be over yet (or two). We worked really hard and pushed ourselves to achieve success.

After almost a year, I read this book, which helped me see things more clearly and provided me with the determination I needed to see things through to the finish of the journey. It dawned on me that we were already considered to be among the “new affluent,” and that we were capable of doing much more.

If you’re thinking of taking a family trip, we’re here to assist you. Find out more about how to organize a Family Gap Year by visiting this page. Please let me know if there is anything else we might consider include.

It is common for families that travel full-time or for extended periods of time to have a variety of nationalities in their group.

I’ll just touch on the fundamentals of our globetrotting lifestyle in this article, but if you’re interested in learning more, I’ve provided links to additional in-depth resources for your convenience.

What is the best way to make a living while traveling full-time?

Savings might be used to fund a short round-the-world trip for the family in the future. That’s how we got started in 2013, and the first year cost us $30,000 in expenses. At the time, the value of the US dollar and the value of the Australian dollar were almost comparable.

Given the recent reduction in airfares as a result of the worldwide economic slowdown, I suspect that it will be much more costly in 2019.

Currency depreciation, such as that of the British pound, would make it more challenging.

While traveling full-time or permanently, you may not be able to afford to keep up with the expenses of your family back home. We decided to sell because we felt that owning a house would be too much of a financial strain.

We were able to pay off our mortgage by renting out our home, but having a property in another nation comes with its own set of complications, including the chance of being faced with unexpected bills.

In a couple of days, $30,000 had been raised. If you click on this link, we’ll let you know what happens. Alternatively, you may read about our first year on the road in full by clicking on the following link.

Our one-year lump sum of money had been depleted, and we were forced to return to self-employment once again. In 2012, we established our first travel blog, which has since grown in popularity. Within six months, that website was generating a significant amount of revenue. Our blogs have been our principal source of revenue in recent years.

We don’t only give travel information on our website; we also provide instructions on how to create a profitable blog. In addition, we do not sell courses and do not think that anybody should be compelled to pay for their education. If you want to learn more, you may want to have a look at these articles or the blogging section in the top menu. Here are some pointers on how to start a blog quickly: What are the several ways you might benefit from affiliate sales? 2. Tools to assist you in growing your blog

As a result of having two passports, my husband is often able to find employment in London, which allows us to maintain our financial stability while he is studying overseas. He has a strong work ethic and is a conscientious employee. He was able to get employment rather soon.

As our favorite city in the world, London is also the closest thing we have to a “home” away from home for us. Being able to spend months at a time in London has provided our children with an invaluable learning experience.

Education of Children While Traveling Long Distances

The youngsters of a full-time traveling family enjoyed themselves in Bangkok. We have invested a significant amount of time and energy into our online firm because we are passionate about education. It isn’t just about work, though. During mealtimes, families spend a significant amount of time together, both as a unit and informally with friends and other homes. There are several options to relax and enjoy oneself. On offer are adventure, discovery, and a significant degree of physical endurance. In addition to being a scuba diver and a skier, my husband is also an Ironman triathlon competitor. Because he is also a chef, we have a lot of food content on our website. Khao San Rd., one of Bangkok’s most well-known streets, comes alive in the early hours.

Homeschooling is becoming more popular all throughout the world, particularly in the United States. Parents’ dissatisfaction with an outdated educational system, the benefits of homeschooling, and the fact that more and more parents are opting to work from home so that they can spend more time with their children all contribute to this trend, which can be traced back to a number of factors.

Anyone can learn everything they want to know on the internet, which is much better than any kind of formal education.

When homeschooled children travel, the term “worldschooling” is often used to describe how they are soaking up information about the locations they are seeing and applying it back home. It is more better, as a parent, to take your children out to learn rather than relying just on books to educate them.

Of course, traditional educational institutions and practices will continue to have a role in the world. We’ve discovered that children learn best when they have the opportunity to see, hear, touch, and experience things for themselves.

Please let us know if you are unfamiliar with the phrase “worldschooling,” and we will gladly explain what it means to you. More information may be found in this post about homeschooling while traveling, which also contains some valuable resources. When asked, “What is Worldschooling?” the following question gives a succinct summary of international education. This guide includes information on the Ultimate Worldschooling Guide as well as resources. This is the last installment. The overall state of the world has taken a significant turn for the better. In the end, it is for this reason that we send our children to school. The kids are now preparing for their tests, and they are all doing really well in their preparations. After the world has returned to normal, we will continue our journeys as soon as possible.

Additionally, I should emphasize that working with instructors or tutors to improve test-taking abilities was a requirement for passing high school tests for a few semesters was necessary. Learning in the real world does not fully prepare pupils for the day of the exam.

An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Locating a Place to Stay for a Family Traveling the World on a Full-Time Basis. Some families like to “slow travel” by renting apartments in various places for extended periods of time.

We no longer function in this way since we have learned that it is not something we like doing.

House sitting is an option for other full-time family travelers who want to travel the world while taking care of other people’s pets and gardens while staying in their homes while they travel. Another one of our rare occurrences.

When we travel as conventional backpackers, travellers, or vacationers, we prefer to move swiftly and stay in hotels and guesthouses during our journey.

While on vacation, we return to our London house and a rural Romanian village, where we may complete any outstanding job or school projects. After a few years, we recognized that we needed a place to keep our Legos, and since we ski in Romania, our ski gear was already in the country when we discovered we needed a storage space.

It was a beautiful old house in a picture-perfect village where we stayed, but it had no contemporary facilities, which we rented. Visiting this hamlet was an excellent example of slow travel, and it worked out well for us at the time we were there.

When it comes to traveling, don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. Put yourself first and do what you believe is best for you.

Due to the popularity of our travel blog and the fact that we get free hotel stays in exchange for advertising, it is not essential for us to continually pay for our extravagant hotel stays. and HotelsCombined are our go-to sites for booking accommodations in Europe and Australia, respectively. In the United States, Priceline is a well-known brand name. We don’t always prepare ahead of time; sometimes we simply go with the flow of the situation. We’ve put up a guide to help you choose a place to stay for your family. In addition, we’ve prepared a list of the greatest hostels, motels, and bed & breakfasts that we’ve come across while traveling the world. About our site, when you click on a certain place, you’ll get information about nearby hotels and other accommodations. If you prefer, you may ask your question in the comments section. To plan tours, transfers, and activities with GetYourGuide, we rely on the service, and we explain why in our review of GetYourGuide. Further reading may be of interest to you, such as this article on why housesitting is not a good choice for our home. House-sitting is not something my husband and I like doing.

Sicknesses and Illnesses While Traveling

Since there are doctors and dentists in every community, there has never been a difficulty with access to health-care services. It was a pleasure to see the exceptional care my husband got while undergoing emergency surgery in a Thai hospital.

A comprehensive travel health insurance policy is recommended in the case of a significant medical emergency when traveling outside of the United States; nevertheless, health care in nations other than the United States is generally affordable.

Feel free to skip some of the recommended travel immunizations that you may acquire at a travel clinic if you don’t want to. Carry out your research since they are just concerned with generating money.

Immunizations are typically less costly in Asia, and we were fortunate enough to acquire them in Kuala Lumpur, but Bangkok is said to be a fantastic spot to get them.

Finally, in London, we had our rabies vaccines in preparation for a long and difficult voyage. Our family has evolved over the years, becoming more daring and traveling to more exotic locations.

Several countries, including the United Kingdom (London), Australia (Australia), Romania (Romania) and Guatemala, have consulted with dentists and medics (Guatemala). For the time being, it hasn’t been a problem, and we’ve just had a few of small sicknesses.

This is something that you can take advantage of. What do we choose for when it comes to our travel insurance coverage options? This was the only firm we could use for long-term, prolonged, and spontaneous excursions, and it was the most affordable. You may begin with this entry since it is the first of three that are devoted to the subject of vaccines for international travel. Vaccination Myths and Misinformation Regarding Travel Immunization

Having no materialistic goals and aspirations

Our luggage consists of two large suitcases (for mum and dad) and four backpacks the size of carry-on luggage (for the rest of us) (one each).

If we wanted to go to every climate on the planet, we would have enough “items” to make the trip possible. In addition to toys and school materials, we also sell laptops, e-readers, mobile phones, and specialist travel gear.

In order to prepare for our Nepal treks and our transatlantic cruises, we stocked up in Kathmandu for our supplies, and in London for our supplies before our journeys.

When something has fulfilled its purpose and is no longer required, it is appropriate to “let it go.” Carrying stuff that aren’t essential is a waste of time.

Several blog pieces on the topic have been written to address any concerns you may have about the items we bring with us while traveling. Please see below for more information. On the road, there’s plenty of equipment for families and children. It’s fascinating to think about why we don’t pack lighter when we travel. After many years of traveling full-time and establishing bases where we could keep our stuff, we started flying with just the goods in our carry-on baggage, which became more convenient as our bases became more permanent. Because we do it so often, we’ve honed our skills to an exceptionally high level. My carry-on bag is small enough to include a month’s worth of essentials. The sheer weight of the technology that we must carry about with us on a daily basis, on the other hand, is a hardship. Due to the specialist nature of Nepalese and trekking gear, a separate page has been given to it. Instead of blindly following the packing lists offered by travel firms, do yourself a favor and read our post first. My essay on the must-haves for a vacation has received a lot of positive feedback. Because power packs are also appreciated by others, please feel free to share your favorites with them!

A lot of the things we had acquired while in Australia were put up for sale. The truth is that we haven’t missed any of the “things,” and living a more minimalistic lifestyle is cheaper, lighter, and less stressful in the long run.

Update: As a reminder, we had to return home for a variety of reasons, and at the time, I was both glad and irritated that we had managed to save some of our belongings. With as little delay as possible, we were back on the road. My advice to anybody would be to sell everything and get rid of all they own. Houses are both a financial burden and a source of income. After taking into consideration what I’ve learned and seen, I’ve come to a different opinion.

As a permanent traveler, having to say goodbye to friends and family is a difficult experience.

We don’t really miss anybody at this point. It’s not uncommon for us to run across friends we’ve made all over the world, as well as new people we’ve met while traveling.

Old friends and family members may be having difficulty adjusting to a new way of life, therefore it is critical to establish new relationships with individuals who share your point of view.

It’s now simpler than ever to stay in touch and speak face-to-face thanks to services such as Skype or Zoom.

We’re a traveling family of four!

Alyson (the chef), Chef (D), and Boo are the four of us (the booger).

Mum Alyson is now 50 years old, and Chef is 40 years old. Alyson worked as a medical researcher before embarking on her travel blogging career. Chef de Cuisine Executive Chef is a fully qualified Chef de Cuisine. Prior to going on his voyage, he held the position of executive chef.

When our traveling family walked out the door, D and Boo were six and eight years old, respectively. We returned to our bricks and mortar business when they were teens, around the ages of 14 and 15.

During our five years of full-time travel, we visited at least 50 countries worldwide. We don’t visit all of the nations on our list, but rather spend time in the ones that most interest us.

We were not a very wealthy family, but we were also not particularly poor. Chef and our children are presently in charge of our trip blog and a few others, and they have been instrumental in teaching us about travel blogging as we have traveled.

Between exams, the students are working part-time jobs and starting their own online enterprises to augment their income.

The Pandemic and Families Traveling Together

We happened to be in our brick-and-mortar location at the time the borders were closed. Our condition has remained the same. After some time, our way of life started to shift, and we began to break up more often in order to go on longer journeys from a home base rather than traveling full time as a family.

I feel that unless the borders are opened, this sort of travel will continue to be the norm. By breaking up, it is feasible to visit sites that are most interesting to various members of the family at different times.

Just to mention a few highlights, D and I traveled to Bhutan, Chef experienced scuba diving in crystal-clear seas, and Boo was able to participate in a local tour that captivated his interest. It has never been simpler to transport pets and a garden on the road.

Other traveling families were on the road at the time of the epidemic’s outbreak. My own experience has been that no vacationing family has ever returned to their home country as a result of the current situation. A lot of individuals I know left their homes and proceeded on extensive treks when the lockdown was implemented. People are still preferring to travel, despite the changes in the sector, for a variety of reasons.

Would you mind pinning this to your Pinterest board for future reference? We want as many people as possible to benefit from this knowledge.

What is it like to live as a Full-Time Traveling Family?

We hope this has provided you with a better understanding of how and why we carry out our job. As a full-time family traveler, I am happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your trip.

Our free Facebook support group is a great place to meet other people who want to make changes in their lives or go on a journey like we did. When you sign up to follow our website, you will get an invitation to join our community.

Please let me know which of my blogs you’d like to be featured on this page. So, what are some of my personal favorites, to name a few examples? Bhutan is a destination I’d suggest to everyone who enjoys visiting locations with a rich cultural heritage. D and I put in a solitary effort to do this. My personal favorite is the Manta Ray Snorkeling excursion, which was created by my son when he was approximately 13 years old. Of course, we’re talking about Everest Base Camp. At the conclusion of a three-week voyage, the children, who were 11 and 13 years old, arrived at their destination. If you’re interested in learning more about where we used to live, have a peek at Port Douglas, Australia. The events that transpired and the reasons for our departure will be beyond your understanding. Breb, our hamlet in Romania, is a lovely spot that you must visit if you get the opportunity.

The majority of people who travel for extended periods of time are not families; there are many other people who travel for extended periods of time as well. This is our way of doing things, and we hope it inspires you to find yours as well. Everything you need to know may be found in the many blog posts that have been published on this site. Please use our search box, which is located at the top of our website, in order to locate what you’re searching for. Thank you very much.

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