Best Hawaiian Strands Television Shows In New York

To celebrate World TV Day we ’ve rounded up some of the amazing locales where our favourite Television shows were mugged. From the New York thoroughfares of And Just Like That to the Hawaiian strands of White Lotus, these are the hottest places we ’ve seen on the small screen worth seeking out on your peregrination. Billed as a new chapter to the iconic Coitus and The City series, And Just Like That may be missing Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones but alongside Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, AJLT does feature our fifth favourite SATC character – New York City.

From Carrie’s Greenwich Village apartment (you can sit on those notorious way outside Carrie’s apartment yourself if you visit Percy Street in Greenwich Village where the surface scenes are mugged) to the inconceivable armature of The Brooklyn Bridge and the sprawling Central Park, New York City is featured in all its metropolitan glory. “Paradise is no holiday” might be the catch expression of HBO’s megahit show, but it’s hard not to fall for the gorgeous Hawaiian strands of White Lotus. This six- part series follows the spurt- setting nobility in this dark social lampoon that’s part murder- riddle, part social commentery.

The series was actually shot at an idyllic real- life resort, the Four Seasons Resort Maui, where the whole cast and crew lived during the end of 2020. Suppose ocean views, luxe apartments and wild, tropical Hawaiian strands for White Lotus hard. Funnily enough the Queen was n’t keen to shift out of her home or partake some of the 775 apartments so rephotographing of The Crown could take place. Where the Television show demanded extravagant palace innards for rephotographing they had to look at indispensable grand estates, palaces and locales. A fave was the magnific Goldsmiths’Hall. You ’ll see the hall in the scene where Lady Diana is groaning outside and preparing for her marriage in that dress with the longest royal train ever (25 bases).

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In The Queen’s Gambit our idol Beth Harmon is whisked from the USA to Paris to Mexico City to Russia as she competes in chess events around the globe. The reality? Where this Television show was mugged is actually substantiallyBerlin.However, adventure to the buzzing German megacity and seek out these locales, If you want to follow her steps. The orphanage she grew up in is actually the private Schulzendorf Castle near Berlin. The Parisian hostel is Haus Cumberland, the Las Vegas hostel is the Palais am Funkturm, and the Aztec Palace Hotel in Mexico City is Berlin’s Friedrichstadt Palace.

If you ’re an Outlander addict also a visit to the real- life Lallybroch will warm your heart. The fictional family home of Outlander character Jamie Fraser is a real castle in Scotland located just half-an-hour from Edinburgh. While the inside of Midhope Castle is derelict, the surface of the Scottish castle where the Television show was mugged at Hopetoun Estate made the perfect setting for the show.

Race allows us to peep at the lives of billionaires and how they vacation. What does that mean for us observers? Inconceivable destinations and locales. In HBO’s award- winning sarcastic drama we follow the Roy family on the New York thoroughfares, as they gather in an upstate New York retreat, sail a luxury superyacht in Croatia and adventure to the Italian country. It’s called the Solandge and you can rent it for the veritably attainable price of€ a week and passage around the islets of Mljet and Korcula yourself.

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Speaking of Croatia, HBO’s other smash hit fantasy blockbuster uses the small Balkan country too. The medieval deepwater megacity of Dubrovnik enjoys screen time as the fabulous King’s Wharf in this world of magic. Filming also took place in Ireland and Iceland. Dear Compendiums, did you also get swept up in Bridgerton fever? In an intriguing move, Netflix took a big threat on this high- budget, bold-costume period drama and it paid off. The 2021 lockdown hit whisks us around London’s social season. We bounce between grand homes and country estates where the Television show was mugged near Bath, United Kingdom. The broad Royal Crescent, designed by mastermind John Wood in themid-1700s, stands in for London’s Grosvenor Square while the Bath Assembly Apartments are where Daphne and Simon locked eyes and … hearts.

There’s nothing further romantic than the megacity of Paris and this cute comedy is a unconcerned breath of fresh air. Have a giggle and enjoy gorgeous decor of the Megacity of Lights as the American expat navigates life in the French capital. Wander through Jardin du Luxembourg with Emily and dine at the major eatery Le Grand Véfour with our heroine. So, from the New York thoroughfares of Race to the Hawaiian strands of White Lotus, will you be chasing down any of these locales where these hit Television shows were mugged? Let us know in the commentary….

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