Ballyknocken: Home Of Be My Guest Host Catherine Fulvio

Located just a one-hour drive from Dublin on a stunning 280-acre ranch, Ballyknocken House & Cookery School is a true gem of County Wicklow, Ireland. Ballyknocken House is a fascinating Puritanical grange accommodation – and it’s also the home of award- winning celebrity cook Catherine Fulvio.

You can spend a comforting weekend then, learning to cook at Catherine’s Cookery School, or exploring the gorgeous girding region. And when you travel Ireland with NJHH, you ’ll get to visit Ballyknocken, meet the Fulvio family, and enjoy a succulent Be My Guest regale, hypercritically made with home grown constituents. Ready to pack your bags? First, get to know further about this awful grange with these 7 amazing data you noway knew about Ballyknocken.

1. Ballyknocken is home to celebrity cook and award- winning food pen, Catherine Fulvio

Born and raised at Ballyknocken, Catherine is author of Ballyknocken House & Cookery School and the third generation of her family to live at the grange. She’s an incredibly fulfilled cook, pen, and Television presenter, having been nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her places as Outstanding Culinary Host on her US Television series “ A Taste of Ireland” and “ Catherine’s Farmhouse Kitchen” on Form Television. She’s also an award- winning author of six cookbooks and is presently rephotographing another series of Catherine’s Farmhouse Kitchen.

2. Ballyknocken House was erected in the 1850s for a original landlord

The beautiful 19th-century Puritanical grange was erected for the Hetherington Family.Mr. Hetherington was the area agent ( rent collector) for the major landlord at the time. In those days, a rent collector was a much more respectable job than that of a lowly planter. While utmost tenant growers lived in thatched lodges, the Hetherington Family were suitable to go the bigger house.

While the Hetherington family scored the bigger house, it didn’t mean they were more popular. In their case, it meant the contrary, asMr. Hetherington was plant boggled by the watering hole just 800 yards (730 metres) from his home. Still, it has to be said that the Hetherington Family were good to the locals. At Ballyknocken House, you can still see the shortage haze pot, used to give haze for the poor tenants during this delicate time in Irish history.

3. Ballyknocken is said to be visited

To this day, the locals believe that Hetherington’s ghost haunts the road. Legend also says that another ghost named “ Whitty” occupies the spot where Hetherington was boggled. Maybe Hetherington continues to live up to his rent collector character and has ublease his spot!

4. Ballyknocken was one of Ireland’s first grange B&B s and has been open to guests for over five decades

Catherine Fulvio’s grandparents, Richard & Margaret Byrne, bought Ballyknocken House in the 1940s. The Byrne family had been tilling in the area for centuries and Catherine was fortunate enough to inherit old deeds and intriguing paperwork regarding her family, dating back into the 1700s.

One of the most intriguing documents is a solicitor’s letter to Catherine’s great Uncle Louie. As was custom at the time, Louie had agreed to an arranged marriage. Still, Louie defaulted and the disappointed fiancée decided to sue him for breach of contract and damages!

In 1968, Catherine’s mama opened Ballyknocken’s doors to guests, and it was one of the first farms in the county to begin drinking guests. Now, over five decades latterly, the Byrne hospitality lives on through Catherine and her family.

5. The name “ Ballyknocken” comes from a Gaelic expression

The name Ballyknocken stems from Gaelic – Baile an Cnocan – meaning “ the city land of the little hill”. The little hill in question is Carrick ( meaning gemstone), which rises directly behind Ballyknocken House. For the record, Carrick firstly measured 999 bases, still it needs to be bases to be classified as a mountain. So, some enterprising locals sorted that out by putting a barrow (pile of jewels) on top of Carrick!

The Ballyknocken ranch and girding area is a hill perambulator’s paradise, with plenitude of scenic trails to explore. You can also go biking, golfing, explore falls and auditoriums, learn to cook, or simply relax on the beautiful ranch.

6. Ballyknocken is a working ranch

Ballyknocken is much further than just a enough grange – it’s also a working ranch. Utmost of the ranch is now organic and produces organic angel and organic oats for oatmeal. Ballyknocken Farmhouse also grows their own fruit, vegetables, and sauces in their beautiful auditoriums. Catherine and the Fulvio family use this fresh yield in the refections they cook for their guests and you can tuck into their luscious food on NJHH’s trip to Ballyknocken.

7. Catherine’s favourite family form is.

Soda chuck! Catherine’s grandmother made two or three large pop chuck loaves a day to keep her family and ranch workers happy, especially during the busy harvesting time. Catherine learned to make this cherished family form while growing up at Ballyknocken and still loves to make it for guests at the grange. You can indeed learn how to make Irish pop chuck with Catherine Fulvio then.

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