According to a recent study, these cities are the best places to relocate.

Six cities in the United States were among the top ten.

Due to the spread of the pandemic, many people are reconsidering where they choose to live. An international relocation may be in your near future, particularly in light of the increasing accessibility of global markets, the availability of remote working options, and the gradual opening of international borders.’s Relocation Report, which was released this week, looked at the best cities in the world to relocate to and found that the United Kingdom ranked first.

While temperatures in Austin, Texas, reached an average temperature of 68.7 degrees Fahrenheit, the average monthly salary in the city was £3,984 (or $5,378). Tokyo was the next stop on our itinerary because of the abundance of restaurants and parks, as well as the city’s high life expectancy of 84 years. With the fastest internet speeds in the country at 106.5 megabits per second (Mbps), Charleston, South Carolina takes third place, followed by a median monthly wage of £3,147 (roughly $4,248) and the highest median monthly wage on the list at £4,048.

A slew of other major cities were represented in the top 20, including: Washington, D.C.; Istanbul; Bangkok; So Paulo; Chicago; Alicante; Valencia; Muscat; Las Vegas; Bahrain; Doha; and Cape Town. Following Boston and Washington, D.C., New York City ranked 21st on the list of most populous cities (in 67th).

A total of 84 major cities were chosen for inclusion in the study’s findings from a list of more than a million candidates, and each of those was subjected to a series of rigorous data gathering processes that culminated in the production of the study’s final findings.

According to the findings, three cities in Switzerland are the most expensive places to live in terms of relocation expenses. Basel had the highest annual average salary of £53,748 (or approximately $72,573), followed by Zurich with a salary of £53,458 (or approximately $72,181) and Lausanne with a salary of £51,648 ($69,745). While Istanbul was found to be the most affordable city to live in, Buenos Aires and Kuala Lumpur were found to be the second and third most expensive cities to live in on an annual basis.

In terms of warm weather, the Middle East has a lot to offer those in search of it. Dubai leads the way with an average temperature of 82.8 degrees Fahrenheit and only 68 millimetres of rainfall, closely followed by Abu Dhabi with an average temperature of 82.2 degrees and 42 millimetres of rainfall. Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai are the best coastal cities in the region, with Doha taking the top spot and Abu Dhabi coming in second and third, respectively.

Cities that are willing to compensate new residents for relocating to their jurisdictions may also have a say in the decision-making process.

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